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Who cares?... The Chamber has lost all credibility.

The Chamber, and by default its members, have made it abundently clear that they're just out to further their own interests. They have also made it abundently clear that those interests stop at the border of "downtown".

There's a lot more to Wilmington than just downtown. If the Chamber doesn't really care about the majority of Wilmington, why should anyone care about them. There are tons of other businesses to patronize other than this selfish downtown cabal. (I'm beginning to question the viability of greater Wilmington continuing to support "downtown", but that's for another post, at another time.)

As for Ms. Rhett: It turns out she's nothing more than a pompous horse's-behind who stupidly backed the wrong horse in the race. As a consequence of that, she has now become an actual horse's-behind whose horse was actually behind. Hey Ms. Rhett, how's that working out for you?

If the Chamber's members still have half a brain left after the spanking they deservedly just recieved, they'll dump this fool before she drags them all down like a 50 pound anchor attached to a canary.

Wilmington per se is still viable even though she's not capable of seeing it. What is no longer viable is Rhett as the head of a now barely viable organization that most Wilmingtonians no longer trust. The Chamber keeps her on at its own peril.


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