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The old "Blame it on Sombody Else" response

Seems like anytime something goes wrong around here, someone like like you pops up and blames it on one of those damn Yankees.

That would make sense if most of the people who live here were from up North, but they're not. They're from here. That's just common sense.

Blaming someone from somewhere else for a problem here is just an immature way of not stepping up to the plate and taking a swing at fixing the problem yourself. Unfortunately, about 60% of the posters (such as yourself) who use this "damn Yankee" excuse, don't even bother to try to write or spell correctly. That doesn't help much.

Keep acting like that and you'll never fix the problem that you're complaining about. You'll just make yourself look bad. I doubt that was what you initially intended to do.

Perhaps it's time to put on a pair of big-boy pants and try a different approach that might prove more constructive.


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