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Only two possible reasons for this happening …

Only two possible reasons for this: Incompetence or malfeasance. It’s either one or the other.

If voters do not put the final nail into this City Council's coffin and remove all, I repeat all, of its members; these people will be putting the final nail into Wilmington's.

Many of them will now be scrambling to save face. Many of them will now be attempting to put a logical spin on an illogical and obscene perversion of how a local government should be spending taxpayer’s money. It’s too late. The money is gone. There is not one valid explanation on planet Earth that would justify this council blowing over 1/3 of a million taxpayers dollars (adding in city labor, etc) that, given the strong negative feelings already in place, should never have been spent without a positive public consensus. All of that money completely wasted!

Past behavior is always the best indicator of future behavior. Keep any of them around and, sooner or later, they’ll do it again. They just can't help themselves. They were born with the dreaded "Tax & Spend" gene embedded into their DNA. No sense in getting mad at them. Just get rid of them. End of story.

Removing them is a bigger no-brainer than voting down the stadium.

Also: "The city says “any” money left over in the budget for the ballpark push will go back into the city's general fund." The exact dollar amount of those monies still unspent should be publicly disclosed ASAP before they either find a way to hide what they’ve actually spent or find a way to blow that remaining amount as well.


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