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Anytime a project such as this comes along, I believe it should be first explored using people already on the payroll. It should be explored with the attitude that it is bad for the tax payers. If it passes this first "test" then do an unbiased poll of at least 1000 people using only what can be proved. There should be no candy coating or wild conjecture, only proven facts. If the poll shows the tax payers are interested then proceed with an unbiased study done by professionals that do not make their living off of the proposed project.

This whole process showed how much this area lacks journalists that investigate the whole story and report the facts. All of the information uncovered by the people on the blogs should have been reported on the news, and all of the misrepresentations should have been put under a spotlight. I guess when your local paper takes orders from outside sources, you should not expect anything else.......

The Mayor and Councilman O'Grady should be ashamed they tried to get the tax payers to fall for this scheme.......For them to be proud of the "so called deal," you would have thought they represented Mandalay instead of the tax payers since Mandalay received all of the benefit....

It is time for a complete and total audit of how the city government wastes tax payer dollars. The first 2 glaring examples are the Chamber of Commerce and John Hinnant's salary. If the city would concentrate on what they are supposed to and cut out the waste, I do not believe they would need their own personal lobbying firm either.......


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