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Solutions Please!

Dear Citizens of Wilmington,

I would like to submit a question for thought. I normally do not comment on these post but rather use it to observe our citizenry at work. This mostly leads to copious amounts of complaining and stating the obvious. The question is, what do we do? Can anyone complain with a solution? It is always OUR TAXPAYERS dollars! As if you had a choice in the matter anyway! The City Council has appointed leaders. They have to use real information to materialize into intelligence. This requires someone to gather the information and digest it. The intelligence is then used to promote a solution or to see if there is any solution. Please if there is anyone out there that would do it for free contact the City Council.
It is obvious we need to do something to generate income. There are City wide projects that need implementating or to be completly revamped. The old saying, "You can't make money without spending money" comes to mind. I'm not saying the Baseball Satdium is the solution but, what is? As long as we, the citizen, take the luxourious position to criticize instead of providing solutions, we all look like OXYMORONS. If the spirit of entitlement gives you the right to complain use it also to provide solutions. If they raise taxes we complain. If they use ways to generate income without having to raise taxes we complain. If they raise taxes to support a project temporarily, we complain. WE can lead to our own demise!So what do we do? If you do not keep up with your local govenrment process you are in a position to make misinformed comments. Which again, this is your right! Say what you want but solutions and ideas do not come from complaining. There are citizens in this City that can help. We all live here. Come forward and lets find solutions for our families void of underlying motivations that would just line your POCKETS!

PS. To the citizens that love to complain, excuse my grammar and misspelled wurds in advance!


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