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That worked years ago when cities built public ball parks but this is different.'
I hate to say it but the Minor Leagues have minimum standard requirements for new stadiums.
Here's "the rub".
Many cities own their own franchises and the team operations are overseen by a board.
In that case MiLB cannot and will not hold those cities hostage because they cannot tell a city what to do if in fact the city is also the owner of the franchise.
When you introduce a 3rd party owner/operator things change.
Thats why I suggested early on that the city pursue BUYING the franchise from the Lynchburg group. It would have insured permanency here.
But he PRO side believes the city was not capable of operating the team. That along with the city's in tough shape, down town is a big mess, there's no development taking place.....the usual "I'm against Wilmington thought process. They tried to disparage the city as a way to make their argument look more substantial.
That failed too......



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