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A Motto Worth THINKING About!!

Why are we leaving our wounded Behind?

This young mans death is both a Disgrace and an Outrage.

This Vet (dispite his demons and dispite him being "a character") should have been outreached to, engaged and HELPED. Why are we 'stigmatizing' a vet by saying, "ohh, Justin-John was a CHARACTER".

That type of "character assassination" allows the 'holier than thou' crowd to totally write him off as some sort of bum who was not battling demons from sunrise to sundown, who did not valantly defend this great nation, and who didn't deserve better.

I am here to tell everyone, HE DESERVED BETTER and I thank the one individual who stated that they were assisting him. You DID what was expected of you. YOU did a GOOD Job. I could read between the lines and know that you were making headway with him. Sadly, Justin-John slipped through the cracks.

However, I wonder where were the 48+ PROGRAMS in Wilmington which are funded to help homeless veterans (and homeless people in general)?

I believe that the Bureaucrats are running them.

Before the 'bureaucrats' defend themselves, they should ask themselves, "Did I just work a 9-5 day, or did I just take the holiday off, and am I really committed to assisting these folks in their quest to recover?"

Uhm, the bureaucrats will never be able to make a difference if they continue to work bankers hours with the homeless community, especially vets who need interventions at night, on the street and in the woods.

... And to the individual who asked, "yes, we should be going to them WHEREEVER they are to OUTREACH, ENGAGE and ASSIST them.

The cottage industry system is broken.


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