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It seems.....

It seems as if a couple of people who post on this site think I am to harsh when I say Jesus should not be shown any mercy for causing the deaths of two innocent children, and injuring another driver when he blew through a stop sign at 55mph. As you all know from the article neither of the girls was wearing a seatbelt. Many others agree it was totally his fault these children are dead, and another driver was seriously injured. As always there are some who will defend a person no matter what they did. A perfect example, other than this, are the fools who murdered the man delivering chinese food. This murder was planned, they placed the order then killed him for $45.00 worth of food. Yet there are people who are pissed because many say they should be put to death. It boggles my mind how many people think criminals should be given every advantage when their victims got no consideration for what was being done to them. The idiots who are critical of me for being harsh on people like this are just that IDIOTS!!!!!!! I'm sure others will agree with me about this.


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