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Good deeds and posting cowards

This was not the biggest hurricane ever. It was merely a cat 1. It was the combination of events that led to a storm surge above and beyond anything experienced in that area. They didn't move the cars because something like this has never been experienced or predicted. 13 foot surge plus 12 foot waves!. Get your head of your ... and realize that sometimes natural disasters can't be predicted to the level you are apparently able to predict. I hope you never have to experience what those folks did, but if you do I hope that treat you with as much sympathy. As for insurance, yes those directly on the cost do have flood insurance. However, many of those affecting were not considered in the flood plain and therefor didn't have it.

And for all those that posted big talk behind anonymity (Dude1) at least be less of a coward and post with your real name.


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