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Honestly, how stupid can you get

Wow, people sure do have short memories. Lets look at what would happen if you were somehow able to secede:

Taxes: Be prepared to pay 2x to 3x more in taxes, because once you secede all the federal money that helps support schools and highways disappears.

Fuel Prices: Enjoy your $7 or $8 per gallon gas, because you will be importing close to 100% of your fuel from somewhere else. Do you honestly think North Carolina has billions to invest in building its own refineries?

Investments, 401K, Mutual Funds: Kiss all that goodbye.

Car Prices: Last time I checked, North Carolina has little in the way of automobile manufacturing capabilities so get ready to pay tariffs and additional taxes on all the cars you import from Detroit.

Federal Disaster Aid: Next time we get hit by a Fran or Floyd, don't expect to receive all that Federal money you get from a Disaster Area Declaration, have American Red Cross assistance or have FEMA deliver food and temporary housing. Expect to be living in a tent for a few years...just look at the people in Haiti still trying to recover from an earthquake.

Honestly, the level of stupidity of some people amazes me. They are so blinded by their anger at the results of the election they react childishly and completely fail to consider the long term consequences. Grow up people!


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