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True Dat

True, but I think everyone is taking this to seriously. No one is going anywhere. This is more of an issue of civil liberties or should I say the erosion of. I don’t think you will find anyone who signed it that thinks that this will really happen. Nor is this all about Obama either. Over the past 10 years OR more, there has been an all out assault on the constitution and civil liberties by the federal government. This started with Bush and that is why people voted for change but that is not what we got. What we got was the hole sail slaughter of our civil
liberties. This is about the FED, all of them and how out of control they have become. For God sake, we have our own boys and girls out there dyeing and for what I ask you? This is war, call it what you wish and I ask you where did this authority come from? The people? Congress? Have we not lost enough? Can we afford to be imposing our will? Should we? Take this petition for what it is, A no confidence vote on the FED by the people and feel free to sine if you agree.


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