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Just a few responses for

Just a few responses for you...

Taxes - Where do you think the Federal money comes from - TAXES - so instead of paying into a system that wastes money on ridiculous things & supports the freeloaders of the world we can take what we pay in Federal Taxes and put them into our new nation's treasury and be just fine.

Fuel Prices - Nothing to stop the states truely wanting to seceede from banding together and making one nation instead of many different small ones or acting cooperatively - Louisiana & Texas will on our side so no worries there.

Investments - My money in my 401K & Mutual funds is mine. I am sure we can find our own way to recreate these bigger & better.

Car Prices- Cars are built all over the world and there are car manufacturing locations in the areas that want to secede. We don't have to buy crap out of Detroit.

Federal Disaster Aid- I've seen FEMA & the Red Cross in action - we'll take our chances with local disaster relief groups - we can take care of ourselves.


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