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Insider's View of the Truth

From what I've heard from people on the inside of CB Town Hall, Steve Shuttleworth is an anal retentive control freak that no one can stand except his co-council cohorts Lewis & Friede. He thinks he can do everyone's job at Town Hall better than they can and, even though he's only been in office for a year, he's been gunning for the Mayor's seat almost from the beginning. Well, he got what he wanted, and I feel sorry for the employees at Carolina Beach. Just reading about what he wants to do with the police room and the public utilities employees is assanine. The PD hates that he has pushed this bad idea through, which seems to be his technique: BULLYING!!! Shuttleworth only listens to himself. At least the mayor and lashley seemed to have respect for the employees and tried to hear them out. Typical silver-spoon politician who has no respect or patience for the "working stiffs." If you've ever had a boss you hated, Shuttleworth is just like him.


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