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Here's the real question...

Why didn't Thompson wait until the end of his term like a reasonable, mature adult (oh, wait, I may have just answered my own question here...) and resign his boards THEN?! Then the new commissioners who are coming in could have taken over his seats on the boards and served the community in a proper and dignified fashion. Of course, with the way the County Commissioners have acted over the last four years, we may not remember what dignified public servants look like anymore.

Something about this sounds VERY fishy. Does Thompson want to stay on Berger's good side for some reason? Is Thompson hoping to get appointed to Catlin's seat that will be empty in a few weeks (he will need Berger's vote of support to get it)? It's either that or Thompson is trying to give Berger enough rope to hang himself at the expense of the citizens and the other members of the boards on which Berger is now an ineffectual member. Either way Thompson is giving a BIG middle finger to the taxpayers of New Hanover County who didn't vote him back in office.

Thompson, I would say you should be ashamed of yourself, but I fear that particular sentiment would be lost on someone who seems incapable of feeling shame or remorse for your actions.


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