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Vacation time

I am a business professional but our policies are paid vacation of so many weeks determined by years of service but if you don't use it you lose it...if you leave the company without using your vacation it is simply gone. After speaking to professionals in other businesses I understand now that accrued time for hours worked is a different matter.I simply have never worked for a company that operates in that manner so I did speek out of turn on the subject for which I offer my apology. No need for you to end your comment with a slam for those who in this hard time are trying to make a living with Scotchman or Big Lots...I guess you think that makes someone lower than you and stupid. I have been blessed to be a part of a very successful business for 13 years...but if things were different and I needed to support my family I would gladly take a job at either one of those establishments to keep my family fed! Obviously by your comment you don't have to worry about that but so many people do and are more than happy to try to keep their families afloat in whatever capacity they can find. Now back to the dog. I still say that taxpayer's dollarspay for the training and food and vet bills and they are the property of the municipality that invested in them until they can no longer perform their duties as any employee. At that time I see no reason not to reward the partner officer with the dog to provide love and care and a good home.


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