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This is just.... Funny

This is just "outright" FUNNY..
Ben David: This case is a reminder that violent crime is fueled by illegal drug use

Mr. Ben David,with ALL due respect; So lets get this right, quoting YOU... Alcohol, is NOW a A ILLEGAL DRUG?
While in this case it is ILLEGAL to serve "MINORS" AKA people under the age of 21, Alcohol, in this case is ILLEAGAL Drug? Is this what WE are to think? KEGS likley purchased LEGALLY in a Beverage store that is TAXED BY the NC. .GOV?

By all means it seems things got "outta-hand", by a couple red-neck(s) intent on settling differences in thier Alcohol addled Minds that WERE of Legal AGE.

“Alcohol abuse by our young people continues to produce all types of tragedy from violent and sexual assaults to traffic fatalities., I've No problem with this comment, which is true to a Great extent.. Though the comment borders to the same extent of "Reefer Madness". YET; Alcohol continues to be "LEGAL"...
Though;I AGREE, it should be kepted out of hands of MINORS.

On the other hand, WHAT IF, it had been a HUGE GANGA Party? Instead? I doubt there would of even been a fight what-so-ever, except over whom ate the last piece of pizza or tater-chip...

Support & sign the petition for HB 577, take the Monies from the Mexician Drug CARTEL's and TAX Medicinal Cannabis,(benifiting the State), for SAFE ACCESS in NC!!
Or Join us on Feb 12th, in Raliegh!
Petition link..


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