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Anybody that knows this girl

Anybody that knows this girl knows she Is a pathological compulsive liar. My senior year I had a class with her and she sat in our group. I heard she was pregnant 3 different times in 9 weeks. I heard she had cancer twice, but she didn't know what kind of cancer. I also heard she was adopted, but her and her mom look exactly alike. Lying is her aphrodisiac. She loves hurting other people or wing the star of her show. Supak treated me like a son and his house was open to me when I needed it the most. He took care of me, made sure I had a way to and from school. He pushed me in school and football and I bettered myself. He is another father figure to me and I know he wouldn't do this. Who cares if its a high school girl! They are the first person to lie about anything and everything if it makes them the center of attention. I hope her mom reads this truthfully. This student is one of the biggest liars I have ever met. I just wish she didn't have to end a mans reputation and possibly a career for her own benefit.


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