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If the accusation concerns a sex offense, then you are NOT innocent until proven guilty. You are considered a pedophile. And once you get that stain on your name, you are forever guilty-even if you're innocent. Why? Because people do not really know, and don't want to know, all the details of the penal system.
ALL sex offenders are tossed into the same bucket. To the public they all look alike. But they are not all alike. Some are VERY dangerous. Others are not dangerous at all. John Public cannot tell the different.
ALL pedophiles are sex offenders. But all sex offenders are not pedophiles.
ALL rapists are sex offenders. But all sex offenders are not rapist or pedophiles.
Some registered sex offenders just did something stupid. [Ex. 18-23 years] They have associated with people their own age, or younger, their entire lives. Unlike our computers, we do not get an instant upgrade at 18. Mentally and socially, most are still teenagers. And THAT is what gets a lot of people in trouble.
THE GREATEST DISSERVICE: The law protects teenaged females as being innocent children. But the males are very often charged. ALL teenage girls ARE NOT "children". These "little girls" know exactly what they are doing and should be held accountable.
What's almost laughable is the fact that it is scientifically proven that girls mature much faster than their male counterpart. So why am I the only one that seems to see that the scales don't balance?


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