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Another mini-eruption of Dukie Prattle hits the internet.

You lost. You lost big. And now that it's over, you still don't have the common sense a dog could give to a mushroom. You just had to post something, no matter how dumb it was.

Seeing as how you're still intent on making yourself look foolish, I thought I'd give you a little help and re-post some of your past posts.

(From just one of your Dukie Prattles 08/09/2012)
- The Braves and Mandalay have years of experience. You have none,you are all mere novices.
- You might influence some but Terry,I and our group have plenty of experience in marketing/sales/operations.
- You are the minority,the November vote will prove us right.
- We have no interests in your petty arguments.
- Over the next 3 months you will be bombarded with all the”positives: this project brings.
- You better call your AFP pals,you will need every single dollar they have.
- Our side will spend over 150,000 on this,better ramp up as the blogs will mean little when the message is on radio / television / billboards.
- In essence you are in for a battle,get your gloves and $$$$$$ you will need 200k,or more

There, now you really look foolish. Nothing says foolish more than your own words proving how foolish you actually are.

Do yourself a favor and stop acting like a horse's behind. If you really wanted to look smart, you'd get a job as a mime. You could do that mime bit where they pretend they're in a box. You've already boxed yourself in with all of your prattle anyway so what the heck. The written, and I would guess spoken word as well, is not your friend.


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