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The Full Story!

For those of us that have worked, or are still working for a company for 25 + years...I'm sure you have seen an era take over in your business called "Mismanagement"!
It's happening all across America, where "Inexperienced" so called "Team Leaders" are put into place to make "Experienced" decisions on how to keep a company all aspects.
Now comes the Enron effect:
Employees, Union or Not, are tired of upper management turning an operation into a short term profit function for a short term profit, then getting the Hell out, which usually takes long time jobs with them, not to mention peoples financial plans. But what do the management guru's care...they made their profits, and now off to buy up some small island somewhere and sip cocktails on the sandy beaches.
When people stand up for their hard earned years, and rights of being a dedicated employee, then complain about the cost of health care/pension/salary loss making their jobs turn into a pocket lining process for upper management...their thoughts are supported by you and I. But when the word UNION is mentioned...then it's all the employees fault.
Double standard way of thinking by John Q. Public...I've seen it for years...and Hypocritical.
Here's an example: A company locally here (Wilmington) is not Union...but a majority of their Sister affiliates are: Local people here want all the Union benefits...(i.e.) wages/other benefits...but at the same time they criticize the Unions within their own company...until Contract Time!


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