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So this is obviously

So this is obviously anti-Hoggard week. Why don't you ask anyone who was there whether this was a "bullying" incident. That would be accurate reporting. This was a simple fight and nothing more and this "victim" quit the football team at the end and obviously has a "grudge" as a result. How come we did not hear anything when New Hanover High School had to cancel their Homecoming Pep Rally because of "gang activity" there and we heard nothing of all the school suspensions that occurred as a result of that. And if the victim's face had been "unrecognizable" as reported by the mom, you would see evidence of this just 3 days later. Let's get the real story and this kind of alteration happens every day at other schools and you fail to report on it. There are great things being done at Hoggard High school. How about reporting on some of them, rather than focussing on the negative and trying to sensationalize on a school yard fight. A lot of things can fall under the "bullying" umbrella but this is not one of them. Get off Hoggard's case and start "sharing the wealth" when you report. Get the real story.And just so there is no misunderstanding here, last week did fall under the bullying category and should be treated as such.


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