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Where's Tom Brokaw on this?

Today is November 23rd...this fight happened on November 16th! Why haven't I seen Tom Brokaw report on this story yet...or a video on YouTube? Why hasn't WWAY had a follow up story on Timmy hitting Johnny, because Johnny called him a Do-Do Head and then backed up against him and Pooted on him? Why...why...why? Why? Who cares...that's why!
On the other hand...I remember back in high school one year, a kid laid his ruler across his pencil box (like a see saw) and with a devastating blow...launched a large spitball clear across the room, and it struck (and) stuck on the black board...then it slid down slowly until it landed in the eraser tray, leaving in its trail a wet streak. Even after it dried it left a stain. Best we could figure was...he had just produced an acidic vomit burp whilst chewing the paper which formed into the spitball.
Our local news covered that story for nearly a week!!!!!


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