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Mental Midget

Though the LEO(Law Enforcement Officer) Was Gentle compared to what I have witnessed countless times, He entered the house without a warrant. Noise complaint is a simple infraction, and a ticket at the door. It is not justification to enter a Home, let alone take a Home owner/renter into custody and be physical with him. Its not Lippy to demand officers of the Law to Obey it. However, his communication skills is representative of the American education system that seeks to dull the rational faculty for such makes better subjects. You, writer are as well a Product of that dumbing down. Your expression that this young man should have been tased, illuminates your own internal issues. though you may be upset with noise makers, and they should check their externalities, your demand for force and or coercion shows you to be a Brute. Your demand that one ought to shut up and Obey, shows you are a trampled subject with no pride or Character. Liberty is tumultuous, and you clearly prefer the comfort of passivity and docility. As your wishes become met in the growing use of arbitrary force in this society, you will soon find you and your collective communitarians faced with more coercion and oppression at your door. Such is not the fault of the police, but the fault of you subjects demanding they do harm on your behalf. You are the Button pusher for force, and are the guilty one for the institution that acts on your behalf. It is said, in a democracy, you get exactly what you deserve. As a Brute, you clearly deserve a government that rules by Brute force, for your intellect is Lacking, and you are likely incapable of self reliance, and direction. Mental midgets such as yourself need Giants to rule their life, so they don't hurt themselves. Government by arbitrary Force and Coercion is Illegitimate. Force is for self defense, and the initiation of it arbitrarily is violence. You have requested violence. Shame on you.


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