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So we should just take whatever they do?

Guess you like being a victim then.. Police Officers work for we the taxpayer and like any other profession there are good and bad cops and this one is a thug period. The thing is cops have yet to learn there are consequences to acting like a jackbooted thug because while it used to be somebodys word against a cop, they cant deny video evidence to their actions and should act like they are always on tape/video because chances are somebody IS taping them. Sadly people think this has only become a recent trend but the accusations of police excessive force have been around for a long time its just now we the people have the ability to use visual evidence to prove we are right about whats been going on. If an officer abuses his authority he needs to go period. There are plenty of decent hard working honest and faithful willing to protect and serve we dont need guys with overinflated egos on a powertrip with a badge and gun violating our Constitutional rights. We've allowed so many violations go on that I guess people like the one above just think its ok that the government does whatever it wants to its people. Remember, Government serves US not the other way around.


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