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If the cop had been

If the cop had been dispatched out there, a 3rd time, how is he trying to bully the guy ? Maybe the cop should just let him keep making noise, and allow you, and a dozen other neighbors to stay awake until daybreak, when this poor victim, finally decides to turn his music down.

According to the city statute for noise, they are suspose, to give warnings. Obviously this didn't work,the first 2 times, and the poor victim, left the cop no alternative, but to arrest, which is required, when the warnings are obviously ignored.

It's a little too convenient, that he had a camera, and flopped like a punter, when the officer tried several times to control him. And he pushed the other way. Nice try, and I admit, you created a very ugly situation. But like Hoyt Tressler, your little scheme will fail, when the rest of the story comes out.

If this was the third time, on a constant disturbance, then the poor victim pushed the issue from a civil noise warning, to a misdemeanor arrest situation. I guesss you figure, if he was smoking pot, assaulting someone, or holding up stolen property, in the cops presence, the cop would also have to get permission, or a warrant, to enter the house. When a misdemeanor is being committed in his presence, he is obligated to arrest.

Is this guy Hoylt Tressler's son. I have a feeling that if the cop would have given another warning, the poor victim would have pushed the issue, and created a 4th situation. Our poor little victim, was highly motivated, and wasn't about to give this cop an even break.

Was this a 3rd situation ? Was it a noise violation disturbance ? I don't know. Hopefully the truth will come out.


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