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Giggliotti and that house makes our neighborhood a Ghetto

That officer is the only defense between any type of civilization left in this neighborhood and utter chaos. He is the victim, but it's UNCW, the DA and the Powers that be that don't have his back. The house that is RENTED in that video is a parking lot for students who do not wish to pay to park on campus, frequent parties and if you look at it, you can see the owner does not care one iota about the neighborhood or have respect for single family homes or our quality of life just by the condition of that home. the garage is a bar in and of itself. The most shocking thing about this is that the police dropped the charges. I can imagine that call from some entitled parent to UNCW to then the council to then the police. We, the victims of these types of students, see it every day, where they raise their voices to officers, stand down on them, speak inappropriately, have this entitled attitude, and know that NOTHING will happen because the dog and poney show from UNCW with the "task" force is just that. Only Chief evangelous has stepped up to protect us. UNCW could care less, the owners of the rental units could care less, city council could care less, and code enforcement things that if it ain't downtown it don't matter. These are just precious little white children and they just need a slap on the hand. Just ask the DA when a house in a near by townhome community is busted for dealing and the STUDENT not only does not loose the home he owns but does no time. Or when a young person dies in a fight and when the cops come there are drugs everywhere and teh DA does not prosecute the poor little young people. Yep we see it everyday, somebody calls the head over at UNCW, they call the DA and it all disappears. Guess those calls don't happen in Creekwood or north Fourth. There are more drugs and crime going on within 500 yards of UNCW's campus than anywhere in the city but these "students" are entitled, safe, why they are just "teenagers acting up" and deserve a second chance while all the black kids downtown go to jail. Yeah we get it. And while that happens, the neighborhood goes to hell, quality of life goes down. Families are victimized you gotta love the priviledge of it all and those who all it.


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