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Just shut up and cooperate?

Being an "authority figure" does not make you infallible! Officer Young clearly tripped that man, He also clearly violated the young mans fourth amendment right, by pushing his way into the house. I for one am sick of this "shut up and take it" mentality. Who are you to say what the rest of us should "cooperate" with? If police officers would use more discretion and do their jobs correctly, then more citizens would feel inclined to cooperate. One should never voluntarily give up any of their rights, just to cooperate with a "authority figure" who is looking for nothing more than a reason to make an arrest! Our entire society is based around certain unalienable rights. The government and by extension 'police', "derive their just powers from the consent of the governed,that means 'you and I' allow ourselves to be governed to such an extent that is constitutional. So how about we ensure that the officers we pay to enforce our laws, abide by those laws and the constitution?


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