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With all the responses being related to the vote count, there had to be one Idiot in the room making an effort to link travel by The First Lady to the cost of the vote recount. For your information "taxpayer", all First Ladies travel and when they do travel they travel officially as unofficial representatives of the United States of America. I seem to remember the Bush, Clinton, Bush, Nixon, Carter and other wives travelling at taxpayer expense to places all over the world so what's your beef with Michelle Obama's travels. Also, what is the basis for classifying all of her travel as vacation travel? Also are you including the trip taken by President Obama where Congresswoman Michelle Bachman made the claim that the taxparer cost for the trip was placed at $200,000,000.00 per day? Lighten up dude and get a life. President Obama is the President of the United States of America and his travels and the travels of his wife are no different than those of previous Presidents except that YOU do not approve of this First Lady's travel.


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