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Self promotion par excellance

Man attempts solo sail to Portugal. Fails. Only makes it as far as Bermuda. Several months later sails back to Wilmington. WWAY covers his story like he's Ferdinand Magellan. Not only do they promote him on the outbound trip, they promote him for sailing back instead of continuing on to Portugal. They even convert nine days of sailing into a month on the water in a news piece. Now he's promoting a book (loaded with a lot of New Age semi-pronouncemental blather and exaggeration) about his experiences. He's not even sailing someplace right now. WWAY again covers him like he's Ferdinand Magellan.

Two questions WWAY:
(1)Have you never heard of anyone sailing to Bermuda from here? Although kudos are in order, it's really not that uncommon.
(2)Why do you keep promoting this blatant self promoter?

C'mon guys, you're usually better than this.


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