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Don't let Chef shake you...

...he's only a worn out old f*rt tater peeler from the galley of an inland dirt floor burger joint. He knows little about little but talks big about a lot. Whilst without a job he has nothing better to do than negatively chime in on subjects he knows nothing about. A simple, bored old man with a huge chip of failed dreams and ill-conceived adventures. I've often heard his knees get wobbly if he looks at a large pot of water, the ICWW is terrifying to him and blue water sailing would be an impossible achievement.

You didn't achieve your initial goal. So what? You are one of the few that have decided to venture beyond your easy chair and take on the challenge of long-distance open water sailing. On top of that you did it solo. You'll get another chance, but the very fact that you prepped and tried makes all of the difference in a person. Unlike those that never had the guts to take a chance, jump on an opportunity or have the ambition of anything greater that tater peelin'. He's only, let him cry in his sleep and and moan like an old man on this forum due to his own lack of accomplishment. We all have our bell to ring, this is all he has.


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