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The Real Destination and the True Victory

I am Bigger Fan now because WWAY 3 covered the story. I am actually even grateful to 'ChefnSurf' for voicing what might be the feeling of a number of viewers and thanks to your putting it out there because now a conversation can occur about what is REALLY important.So listen up:

After the news story, I read Greg Frucci's book, and I was expecting to read about the Portugal arrival, but he achieved something so much more profound, and I am stoked that the news station realized it, and acted on it- Bravo WWAY TV!!

Not everyone can sail to Bermuda or Portugal, but EVERYONE arrives in personal Failure from time to time. Everyday, someone somewhere is arriving at the end of a relationship, or at the doorstep of the 'last straw' breaking or the other famous arrival, at 'Their Wits End'. I pray for those who have turned the corner into 'Despair', or those who live in 'Loneliness' or arrive at the worst place of all, 'Hopelessness'.

How many people go to a job they hate(but do anyway) and live in hypocrisy to their truth because of the pursuit of 'legal tender' when there is nothing tender about the hamster wheel that lifestyle has become.

Greg Frucci's destination was never Portugal, not really. His destination was Peace. He set out to sail from the shores of Heart Break and Illusion and to get far enough away from Everything, until he was left alone with his Truth.

THAT Journey was a Total Success. Thank You to WWAY TV for obviously getting that concept from the beginning based on the way they chose to cover the follow up on Thanksgiving.

Humanity needs a pioneer who travels to a place of understanding Within. Thank You, Greg Frucci for being so selfless about it. This is exactly the Courage we need right now as we peek out of our sheltered lives that are so out of touch with Nature, and have amnesia about why we need to respect it and the nature within ourselves.

I would even venture to say that unless you are a military veteran or have done battle with a serious illness or tragedy, most people don't even really understand what 'Peace' really is. Unless you have really fought for it, how could you?

Greg wrote a book that is a chance for anyone who wishes they could go out and leave Everything behind, the 'J O B', the burdens, the heartbreak, and from the comfort of their reading chair, they can go face the open ocean and surf down a 22 foot wave. They can feel the sea spray on their face and taste the bittersweet lesson of humility as it turns into the sweetness of Appreciation for Life.

What is Most Important, is that readers can face one perspective of 'Failure' and then Greg invites you to pick yourself up, and keep moving ahead, and more than that, to turn it into something that serves others. There is no 'failure' in offering your struggle for others to learn from. That is the selflessness we need so much more of. Our children are not served by being taught that vulnerability is weakness. We need Heroes who illustrate that Perseverance is the real Super Power that transforms failure into the Gold of Inspiration and redefining what is 'I AM Possible'.

Modern Humanity is starting to realize something that Ancient Wisdom has long been saying: The Most Vital Journey we can take is from the Head into the Heart. In this light, Greg Frucci is a modern man, veteran of the corporate grind who broke away and did what so many wish they could, to 'leave it all behind, and head for the horizon'.

I read the book when I needed that kind of break and realignment of my perspective, maybe I was farther ahead than I realized, because I knew from the start that it wasn't Portugal I wanted to see him arrive at, it was Peace and Self Acceptance.

In that way, yea, you can put him up there with Magellan, because he found his way there, and thanks to his Valor and Courage, he turned around and wrote about it so we have a map to follow him there any time. Thanks, Greg Frucci, a lot of us need that. Still.

I wish I could go to the talk being given, and have the chance to meet a Man of Perseverance, who faced Fear and Slayed the Dragon of Failure and lived to tell the tale. It would be great to shake his hand. Based on the storms he survived, and that he surfed a 22 foot wave with a sailboat he must have balls the size of church bells.

The only problem I have with his self promotion is that he should not have to do it alone, this message is too important. That is why I had to stop what I was doing and write this right Now. I am going to track down his website and help let others know about the book. I am also grateful to the friend who sent me the book knowing it was the vacation I needed when I can't break away due to my work. It rebooted my attitude, and there are a LOT of us who need that. That is the Real Destination and the True Victory.


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