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"The Sad Goodbye"

(Thanksgiving Morning)
Scenario #1 (Child to Mother):
Child: "Mommie...are we going to Grammies today for turkey?"
Mother: "Yes soon as we get out of the Mart for SPECIAL SAVINGS! We are gonna shop till we drop, so get up and get ready!!!"
Scenario #2 (Daughter to Mother):
Daughter on phone to Mother: "Mom...we will be right there after I get out of this God Forsaken line at this Gosh Dab store!!!"
Mother to Daughter: "Never mind...we've already cleaned up the dishes!"
{This very well could be the Daddy and sons on this binge too...not just Mothers :-}

Now...if you don't think that has happened before...think again. Traditional Holidays with family means dragging either your children and/or a shopping list and cart around the store to save on money a lot people most likely don't have to begin with.
Maybe next time a quiet holiday dinner with your loved ones would mean the Holidays still have some kinda special meaning other then the "Crack of Dawn Cash Registers"!
I wonder how many cell phones have buzzed right in the middle of "Grace" before a Holiday dinner with someone's friend calling about some DVD player on sale for half price?
Plenty :-(
And shoppers feeling sorry about the store workers being there during a holiday. As the Mafia says..."Fagita Bout it"!
If that were the case...really the case...shoppers would stay home with their the Big Executives are doing that control these Marts in which you shop at!
"The Sad Goodbye"


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