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Oh, the city's statement is

Oh, the city's statement is just hilarious.

They can't have the gall to call a Christmas tree by its proper name, but they can take a LEGAL STATE HOLIDAY off for CHRISTMAS DAY. Not Holiday Day, not Seasonal Day, not Santa Day, not Liberal Crybaby Day, not Hanukkah.... CHRISTMAS DAY.

When the city employees and the Mayor work on Christmas, I'll take their PC gibberish spiel seriously. Even then, it's still ridiculous, because you don't call a Halloween costume a Holiday costume, you don't call a Hanukkah menorah a Holiday candlestick, and you don't call a Christmas tree a holiday tree. I'd rather the state just forfeit hosting this event than this nonsense.

The WHITE HOUSE has a "Christmas" tree. How is that not exactly the example the city would look to? The Supreme Court has ruled numerous times that Christmas trees are a legal icon of the secular Christmas season, and even that NATIVITY SCENES are legal to display if they are part of an OVERARCHING, OVERALL secular purpose. The city is embarrassingly politically correct... and so is all of America. Why are we ruining Christmas? Why are we making the best holiday on earth into a generic boring non-specific nothing?


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