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I disagree

- Those of us who believe in Christianity do not consider shopping as worshipping. We actually know the difference between shopping and worship.
- The actual date of Christ's birth is indeterminate. Seeing that some other religions were already using approximately Dec 25th for festivals, church leaders decided to use the date and introduce a new festival to promote Christianity (Hey, even then people knew the value of advertising). It has been used by Western Christians since 336 A.D.
- Christmas isn't about debt and bondage. If there was a holiday about that, it would probably be called "Sado-Masochistic Mortgage Day", not "Christmas".
- Santa Claus' origin is folkloric, not pagan. It is based on hagiographical tales of a gift giving saint, possibly going all the way back to Basil of Caesarea, an early Christian leader.
- Jeremiah 10:2 isn't about Christmas trees. It's part of a larger passage (verses 1 thru 16) which refers to cutting down trees to carve into idols. Post KJV translations, which had the advantage of more accurate translation techniques (and computers), substitute the word axe with the word chisel (for carving wood into an idol), which makes that abundantly clear.

No one is telling you to celebrate Christmas. I respect your right to view the holiday any way you choose to. It would be nice if you respected my personal choice to celebrate Christmas as I choose to in return. Providing me with an inaccurate, condescending list of reasons why I shouldn't isn’t really doing that.

Have a very merry "Christmas".


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