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It would be refreshing if as

It would be refreshing if as much energy was spent trying to identify who actually did commit these staggering crimes (burning tax paying citizens' livelihoods, shooting at firemen/policemen, etc.) as groups have spent trying to prove that the 10 people convicted of the crimes were innocent.

Oh...wait...they ALREADY HAVE identified who committed these crimes. That's why no groups have came out and said "The Wilmington Ten didn't do it, THESE people did it". Because the Wilmington Ten DID do it. There was never much doubt about that. Just an over zealous prosecutor who screwed the case and himself wanting to guarantee a win.

It's getting's 2012 now. The only people keeping racism alive in Wilmington are those who chose to focus on the past. Get over the past. Drop your agendas and embrace that skin color really doesn't matter in 2012 to the vast majority of people.


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