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Are you out of your mind?

My Lord! "IF you had jobs..." get out the door and get one. They are out there if you TRY to find them. Or better yet, make your own job. Can you clean houses, work in yards, do delivery service for people who can't drive, can you drive someone to the doctor, the grocery, Walmart. . can you sit with someone who needs to have a companion in the home with them. . this is a lame excuse. Then, "if you had a real place in the community..." YOU DO HAVE A REAL PLACE IN THE COMMUNITY! You have a home. Do you take care of it and make it presentable? Are you involved in a church? Any group at all? These are examples of having a place in the community. And WORST OF ALL..."Stake in society" I really don't know what to say about this that could be printed in this column but it comes to mind ... where do you live? Under a rock? Out in the woods? Your mere existance makes you a part of society. The question is are you an ASSET to society or a burden to society? You tell NAACP to "keep up your good fight". Get off your rump and keep up your own good fight taking care of yourself, do the right thing, be a friend, be a good person and stop yelling for NAACP to take care of your problems. Your problems are self made by you and only you can improve them. I want to say so much more but it wouldn't get printed. I'm so sick of blacks yelling about being the underdogs. You do it to yourself.


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