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Can the dead mom ever kiss her kids again?

Kinda hard to pay college tuition from the grave. Case is cut and dry. Trial is barely required. The woman was one of those who makes the world a better place. The guy imposed his worthlessness upon a totally innocent victim. You must be kidding. Do you even have a mother, daughter, sister, or friend? How's about we just erase her. This was anything but an accident (like texting). Angry, young, drunk, stalking, truck-driving male kills hapless single mom on her nightly drive home from work, to which you say, "Hurry up and give this guy a fair trial or you're all in the kkk." Yeah. Ok. I know people w/NO legs who drive. What's your point? How about we rewind it and offer her to come back absent one limb, and he gets killed instead. Oh wait, that wouldn't be "fair" enough you either, would it? "Let the Angry White Male Get Away w/Murder!" Want your hood back now nightwatcher? Shame on a community that would let a menace such as this reach maturity unchecked, when a life could have so simply not been wasted, leaving other's shattered-


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