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Thanks for spending my money!

The GOP Dads got together and did their thing. They did a pick of their own rather than look at what the electorate had said just two years ago and with a decidedly Dem edge. So with the new map they drew they felt they could cram a crony down the throats of the middle and the constitutionalists. It did not work boys! The Dems stuck together and the GOP fractured at it's own hands. Mike won! That is how it is and now Mr. fiscal conservative and I am sure with the full backing of Rabon and gang has the recount going that does not come out of the pocket of their pants but out of the pocket of all us taxpayers. So here is the way it is going to shake out. Mike is going back to DC. It is going to cost us more because the 'good old boys club' just can't stand it. Here is a bit of advice GOP. Next time side with the candidate that actually can take Mike out. Is it not obvious to you by now, David was not and is not that candidate? Dems, congrats. GOP, you got exactly what you deserve. Question is, have you learned anything? My guess is, no!


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