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Well Vog

I guess they can face reality. The lifetime tour of unemployment benefits, Section 8, EBT, Free cell phones and all of the other programs for the "I don't have to work" class is coming to a close.

McCrory and the Legislature have inherited $2.5 Billon in Federal debt which Smiley & her predecessor borrowed to keep those who did not care to work on a never ending run of unemployment benefits.

Add to that the hundreds of millions in underfunded state retiree pensions and retiree health coverage, someone needs to find a little Dutch boy to put his finger in the leaking dike.

Add to that the unbelieveable position expressed by the White House occupant and his band of nit wits lead by Prince Harry Reid and Lead Witch Pelosi that entitlement spending will not be discussed while they insist tax increases will be implemented. And the Republicans apparently do not have the stones to stand up to them.

Is it any wonder the market dropped yesterday?

They need to wake up and realize Marie Antoinette is not around to tell them to eat cake.

The hard decisions have to be made. We finally have a Governor Elect who appears willing to make them.

Push comes to shove, I can always go out to Duplin County, grow crops and beef, and make my own wine.

And that is exactly what is coming down the pike if we have another severe recession.


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