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unemployment ,were is the work ?

for one im not on unemployment , but if they do run out were are the jobs here in wilmington ,,, we have a ship yard that is maybe open 2-3 days a week , thats should be open 24/7 ,there is no concret place that got voted down , and a ball park ,, in burnswick county ,thay would of had a tire plant . that too got tune away ,,, so if you call workig at burger king ,or makeing a bed at a motel work, good luck ,, yes we have some good companyes here , but there not hireing so what are people suppose to do for work ? if they do get a job , it will onley pay $7.50 .. gas at $3;30 a gal milk almost 5 gal . they have rent , hek progress elc is going up 18% so tell me ,,, no tell the lady who has 3-4 kids and who was working and there job was cut off ,, or tell that dad who always workd and payed his way ,now cant find anything to live on and pay for his kids christmas .. with out something big going happen here in wilmington or in burnswick county ,, people are going to be on that leavel of being poor ,, so were are the jobs that pay good around here !!!!!


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