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Not to be without compassion...

...but there are jobs to be had. You may have to take 2 or 3 of them and they may not be what you want, but they will put food on the table. There are many people drawing unemployment for over 2 years and sucking the government dole for every penny they can get. I've commonly heard the comment, "Why should I go to work when I make more money being on unemployment and can sit on my @ss?" The government push of extending from 26 weeks to 130 weeks is counterproductive to anyone going back to work. I have yet to witness anyone go on unemployment to come off of it and go back to work before it ceases.
If you lose your job these days, it's unlikely you'll be abe to replace it with one of the same pay and caliber unless you're willing to relocate. This forces people to either to accept lower level jobs or simply take the easy way...the goverment way...the free-way...the Obama way. This also opens up the door for the illegal aliens to absorb those low paying jobs the lazy don't want to settle for. It's opportunity for them, that's why they're here and that's why they'll continue to flood our! This is a vicious circle that is counter-productive to the growth and well-being of this great country and it's tax paying, productive citizens. The sad part is that no matter how in-your-face this obvious problem becomes, Americas leaders sit on their hands, spend billions on fake re-election campaigns and devise more inconspicuous ways to tax the remaining juice out of the working and productive sector of American society.


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