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Operate at a loss?

Where do you come off thinking that they should operate at a loss? They are not a government funded operation. They MAKE what they sell, and if they make it, and don't sell it, it costs them even more money in addition to having someone stand behind the counter selling nothing. They apparently pay rent all year, since they building still says Rita's in the off season. What was there before them? An empty building because the Jewelry business couldn't continue in depressed downtown.

Take a tour north on front st. Lots of other empty buildings where businesses used to exist. The building where Bank Of America was - Empty except when Wilmington's film industry wants to use it. The building just north of Shaw university. Empty, and you gag from the mold and other smells emanating from the building as you walk by. The soon to be closed clothing stores. The recently closed restaurants, the hole (literally!) in the ground where the condos were going to be built, etc, etc.

They are closed in the winter because they have to be given the current conditions downtown, and you want to cause issues for the business? Maybe they'll just close completely. Then you can consider your job done. Why don't YOU rent one of those empty buildings with YOUR money, not some government handout, put some sort of business in there, and sit there - whether you sell anything or not. It would be OK as long as you didn't have payroll. As a business owner, your time is considered free. It would be much better than an empty building.

Your comparing them to the gas station taking advantage of customers at night because they are the only game in town makes no sense. That does go on in downtown with the parking company raising prices at night on weekends - just because they can.

When you wake up and come to your senses, here's a Youtube video for you:


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