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"Entitlement" Disaster

A perfect example of one that feels "Entitled". He needed a fix using his "free food" card and he is addicted to it. Just like any other junkie, he went off the deep end without "his fix".

Now, if had been a productive member of society he would have been in bed that time of night so he could get up early to go to his job. But, he is "entitled" and therefore does not a productive member of society nor does he want to be. His only job was to put on his bedroom slippers and go to the mailbox once a month to get his check.
Now, he (if convicted of the charge) is a felon. Like an other contributor has already stated, he now has "three hots and a cot" to look forward to.

So it is not all bad. If the rest of us are going to have to keep him up, then at least we may be successful in keeping him off the streets for a while.


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