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Are you really truly sorry for the deceased family? I lost my son a few years ago from being shot and killed. You stated this young man had a past felon almost 20 years including B&E as well as drugs. Not knowing where you received this type of information from, my first question to you would be. Do you mean this young man when a young man had gotten into some trouble 20 years ago, and had straightened up his life and became a well known and liked law abiding citizen of Wilmington,N.C.and from your point of view could have never changed? My second question to you is, How can you say you are sorry for the loss of life for this young man and his many when you seem to have no compassion what so ever for him nor his mother and other relatives and friends by speaking of his past and death all in one paragraph. Being a mother whom have lost her only son to a gun shot wound knows the devastation it is for this mother and how more devastating it is to hear someone as yourself at a time like this speak disrespectful of the son whom she will never get to hear voice again, never get to touch again,never get to kiss again,never get to smile again. This is devastating enough for this family than having to go to this comment titled 'DRUGS" leading me to believe you possibly know something we the citizens of Wilmington NC as well as Wilmington police dept have no findings of and maybe you should be picked up and taken by homicide team for questioning about what you are reporting, knowing something other than what those investigating knows because i have yet to hear the mention of DRUGS in this case. This only shows society how much respect you truly have for this grieving mother and family. Maybe you should learn to get your facts ALL OF THE FACTS before you ever take a chance in letting a mother and family who is devastated at this moment if there life become even more hurt over your heartless feelings that shows all over your post.


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