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The whole premise of free

The whole premise of free people going gaga over the royal family of Britain is just patently offensive. Regardless of the right to vote, the Brits still have codified in their Constitution a Monarchy for goodness sakes. The very fact that in today's day and age that anybody, anywhere in the world, can still hold a claim, defined by God, as to their rights and role over common man is disgusting. Even if it still just on paper and not in practice, the monarchy still holds a constitutional right to accept and disband her government.
Even the Canadians after gaining self-governance still hold the Queen as their Monarch.

It is disgusting, offensive and Americans after holding a very bloody war to free itself from any ties to a monarchy, should be ashamed of themselves for harboring any thoughts other than scorn at these people...

(until they abdicate their roles and give up the monarchy and titles entirely, and then we can welcome them with open hearts)


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