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@ Queen: Somone Needs to Cast out that Demonic Spirit in You!

Dear Queen Stanky Legg II:

I’m not sure how many rendezvous you’ve had with Wiggins but I have to believe, based on how you assembled your reckless words, you’re willing to carrying his cross?!

Amazingly, you’re a puppet, and Wiggins is the puppeteer who holds your strings. You can play checkers with the devil but the legal system is going to wear the crown! You’d rather remain in the comforts of an unclean and dirty lifestyle holding the hand of Wiggins rather than submit to the normalcy of toe-tapping justice?

The Jackhammer: Every time your rhythm coincides with the devil by praising Wiggins’s child molester ways, comparably to “Adolf Hitler” by supporting criminal acts toward children and acknowledging Wiggins should continue playing with God and Christianity, your aura matches Occultism. The witchery in you will always be met with misfortune; you can’t use Wiggins’s falsehoods of evil deeds to parade around trying to lift him up! You’re the Antichrist that people were warned would come in the end days


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