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@Newlife3 You're Still In Love with Wiggins, Huh?

Running to Wiggins's defense makes you guilty by association and if he was released today, you’ll kneel in front of him to kiss the ground where his feet rest. I’m going to assume you’re a long standing member of Bolton’s finest by your passionate decoy. To covet or even share the table with a deranged demon is to neglect your moral responsibility as a human being, rather than forget that Wiggins existed in memory. However you desire wrongfully, from what I can interpret, the dangerous part in the lessor of the evil, Wiggins’s redemption! Running to cut the chains off of Wiggins for breaking the law; then, still being associated with a child molester tells the world you make an astounding unorthodox Christian. You adhere to the parts of the bible that fits into your scheme of things and if you have to apply the other parts that makes up the whole, you’ll conform but only for a brief moment. That’s called a “hypocrite!” If the violation of a helpless human being rested within the turmoil in your home, we might not have met! Please study what Christianity really is about, it seems you have general knowledge of Theology and its functions.


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