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You've been around for awhile, you should know the answer.

The trend of using "independent contractors" has been on the rise for the past two decades! It is especially prevalent in service businesses as a loophole to avoid providing health benefits, avoid paying FICA (FICA is SS), withholding of taxes, lack of workmans comp. and adds ineligibility for unemployment benefits, holidays and vacation for that worker. This saves businesses a ton of money and relieves them of a ton of responsibility. Sure, it's skirting the system, sure...businesses can stuff their pockets at the workers expense. There's nothing "oddly avoided" here, it's all completely legal and above board as long as the independent contractor "criteria" are met.

PS SCT...Look at all of the illegal aliens employed in this area alone. They get an hourly wage not too different from a legal worker but the companies pay for nothing else and absolve themselves of any responsibility. The same game. Now, do you have any more wonder as to why the flood gates on our southern border run wide open? Any idea just how much revenue is lost and how much unearned SS bene's are paid and unearned health care costs are affectd by this on a NATIONWIDE scale? The numbers are absolutely staggering in the very least!


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