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Thats right

This is not the first time a marine has done this, they think because they are in the service they can get away with whatever they do because they fight for our country. I am a true American and I fully support our troops but I DON'T support the ones who abuse the system, and use their rank or I am a marine to get away with things in life.

You chose to be a marine no one forced you into it. If your a marine act like one and treat others with respect.

This is also not the first time marines have gone out on the town and have made an a** of themselves. Some police officers have done it too and if they are guilty they should be stripped of their title to.

If you represent your Country, State, County or town in any way have respect. Actions speak louder than you think and if you can't control yourself while you drink them don't drink.

Also if he has PTSD he should have gotten treatment once returned from deployment that is offered.

Strip him of his metals, and benefits and make him pay for the guys injuries and missed time from work. It's called taking responsibility for your actions.


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