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Abby, why don't you tell us all...

...of your active duty? Describe to us what if feels like to have mortar fire zipping over your head. What does it feel like to have men in dresses instead of uniform shooting at you from unknown locations? What does it feel like to see the vehicle of your fellow soldiers blown to bits by an IED right in front of your eyes? What does it feel like to hold a wounded fellow soldier and watch his eyes go foggy as life drains from his body?

Since you seem to know so much about Marines, know so much about PTSD and know so much about what a Marine should get and what he/she shouldn't, you MUST have some really valid combat experience! If not, go back to your afternoon soaps and put your curlers back on the steamer! When you truly understand combat and it's consequences, you may have a little credence to talk your opinions! Otherwise, sit down and shut up.


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